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Leafs 3 – 0 Habs

That game was as ugly as an Ed Hardy shirt.

(By the way, as a French, I want to apologize for Christian Audigier. We’re sorry for what he did to fashion in particular and good taste in general. But we’re thankful he left France long ago)

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4 responses to “*vomits*

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  1. It was tough to watch. They need to shoot more and get people in front of the net. Getting shut out by Toronto (and their backup goalie) is embarrassing.

  2. I’m glad I decided to sleep instead of watching this. For once, I’m thankful for the time difference!

    And they finally pulled the plug and traded Chips… what a sad day.

  3. Joey is kinda the backup backup goalie actually…….



    I stopped watching half way through…..

    Poor Chipper…. D:

  4. I’ll give the Leafs credit for playing well. But the last Habs power play was just sad.

    Now I’m going to go hide until after Thursday night :)

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