5 Easy Steps to Losing Your Credibility!   2 comments

(screencaps from the RDS videos filmed in the Alouettes dressing room after the Grey Cup, available on their website)

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

And step 5:

See? That was quick and easy!


Now, just a word about tonight. It’s the Maple Leafs. They got shutout by Miller and the Sabres yesterday, so we can assume they’ll be motivated tonight (as they always are against Montreal anyway). But maybe they’ll be a little tired in the third period too.

On the Habs side, there is hope that some players will be returning into the lineup. Gomez and D’Agostini could start the game. That’s very good news. The habs have been doing ok recently in spite of missing key players, but I’m not sure how long this would have lasted. Hopefully, Gomez starts getting some points now.

Just a thought about him, by the way: I think it’s stupid to hope that he’ll suddenly produce enough points to justify his salary. Of course he’s overpaid. That’s the reason why we could get him: Sather wanted to get rid of his salary. Now the  habs are not expecting him to produce Crosby-like numbers just because he’s getting the same kind of money. But they’re expecting him to be a good first line center. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be worried because of his play. But we should just accept the fact that he’s overpaid. That’s the way it is, and the habs knew that right from the start. We all knew what we were getting. I hope he does better than in NYC, but he’s not going to magically turn into Joe Thornton.

And a last word, about Chipchura. It’s no secret I like him, and I’m hoping for him to have more success. He played a little bit on the PP during the last game, but his 4th line duties were very minimal, and he was on the ice for just 5’09 during the game. Tonight, he could play along Metro and D’Agostini on the fourth line. I was hoping for him to get some time with Metropolit, and I think it could really help him. Now I hope he does good tonight. Because once Gionta, Kostitsyn, Pouliot and Laraque return, it’s going to be very hard for him to keep a spot. I know the likeliest scenario is that he’ll get waived because he only has a one-way contract, and Martin seems to like White and Pyatt better (one of them will probably be sent back to Hamilton too). But I’m still hoping he can somehow turn things around. If he does get waived, I will be torn. It would be good for Hamilton to get him back, and I wouldn’t like to see the habs losing him for good. But at the same time, I still hope he can be a NHLer, even if it’s not in Montreal… Come on Chips, hang in there!

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2 responses to “5 Easy Steps to Losing Your Credibility!

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  1. I shall not comment on Gomer’s salary… I shall not comment on Gomer’s salary…. I shall not comment on Gomer’s salary….

    Yeah, poor Chipper. I feel so bad for him right now. Unfortunately for him, White and Pyatt (and a few other guys even) have completely out played him. I agree that unless something great happens for him soon, he’s going to get waived. He’s going to be a RFA after this year (along with half of Hammie-town). Personally, I don’t think he’s got much of a shot at the NHL right now. I think he could do with a healthy dose of AHL action (and you’re damn right I want to see him in Hammie-town if he ends up in the AHL).

  2. Now that I think of it, I’m stupidly very impatient to see Pouliot play. I know I shouldn’t have great expectations about him (the fact that the Wild took Latendresse to get rid of him should be a hint), but the fact we’ve had to wait a little before seeing him in action has built up the anticipation for me!

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