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A local theatre company generously agreed to provide us with a very quick recap of the Habs first home win of the season. I hope you’ll enjoy their vivid performance.


- 1 minute into the game, Bergeron takes a penalty

- Kovalchuk gets a breakaway

- After 1 period of domination, the habs are only up by one goal

- Ondrej Pavelec is a beast

- Habs win in the shootout!

- Wait, there are 74 more games like that until april?!

(Oh, and I think the happy guy in the bottom is Chris Pronger’s father. Who knew he played theatre?)


RDS is reporting that he left Hamilton yesterday with his belongings, and was suspended again by the habs.

Let’s have a little recap of the Sergei K situation:


- Sergei is demoted, but refuses to go to Hamilton.

- He asked for a trade.

- A week of conflicting reports follows.

- He changes his mind and goes to Hamilton

- He plays well with the Hammies, and people are starting to think he should be called up to replace Patches soon!

- He left Hamilton and is suspended again.

Geez, this theatre company is FANTASTIC, they can play everything, I’m going to hire them permanently for the blog!

Seriously, about Kostitsyn, if the reports are true, it’s definitely over for him in Montreal, and possibly in the nhl. What a shame…

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10 responses to “A dramatic recap

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  1. - 1 minute into the game, Bergeron takes a penalty

    How else would you want to start your career as a Hab?

    - Ondrej Pavelec is a beast

    I had the game on in the living room while I was doing homework in a different room and I kept wondering who the heck that goalie was, but I was too lazy to wander into the living room or look it up on the computer. All I kept hearing was, “OH NO!! How did [Hab player] NOT score there?!”

    And from before… Gomez has the stigma of leaving his team for the Rangers. Two of my favorite Sabres captains have done that. It still burns.

  2. LOL Greg, nice pics.

  3. mcguffers: Well I think I remember that the habs got scored on Josh Gorges first two shifts with the habs. So there’s hope for Bergeron!

    And thanks Shan!

  4. Maybe they’re training camp motto should be “The more ominous your introduction, the better.”

    And I wonder what it’s like to be the older brother of the player who’s throwing a complete temper tantrum.

  5. *their

    Sorry! My brain is fried this week :D

  6. Of course I had to say “well, maybe they should call up Sergei instead of Patches” and the jerk goes off and gets himself suspended again….

  7. I know! It really sucks. Seriously, I think he would have been called back to Montreal in a few days, or a few weeks… This time I think it’s really over, and I hate this.

  8. He definitely would have been called back…


    If his aim is to get traded then he’s failing epically because no team is going to want him right now.

  9. There’s always the Rangers and the Leafs. They’ll take anyone.

  10. He’s now reportedly back with the Hamilton Bulldogs. Yeah… As long as he doesn’t publicly come out and say “I’ve been a moron, but I’ve discussed with Bob, and now I’ve decided to give my best with Hamilton to be recalled by the habs and pursue my career in Montreal”, I consider him virtually gone.

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