The prodigal son   5 comments

Tonight’s game, as previewed in Montreal’s media :

fils prodigue

What do you mean we’re doing too much?

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5 responses to “The prodigal son

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  1. Heeheeheeheehee…

  2. Eeeeeeee………….

  3. I was doing homework for most of the game, but Halak won a shootout!

    I still just don’t like Gomez.

  4. Oh, and the new Blackberry commercial has a bunch of baby goats jumping around to House of Pain’s “Jump Around.” It could be the Fainting Goat’s warm up video :)

  5. Yeah I saw what you wrote on IPB comments about Gomez and the habs, mcguffers, and I feel just the same. He’s the guy I’m having the most difficulty to get used to. Gio and Cammalleri are fine, but there’s just something about Gomez that doesn’t feel right. Even if he is playing ok so far.

    And I saw those ads when I was in Montreal, you’re right, that’s exactly what the Fainting Goats should play on the jumbotron before their games!

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