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Carey Price just unveiled his new mask. Habs inside/out posted pictures of it yesterday, so some of you have probably already seen it. But just to make sure, here it is:


(David Arrigo)

A death figure riding a habs chopper on human skulls, with lightning bolts in the background and aces of spades falling from a red menacing sky. Jesus!

How can such a disaster have happened? Let’s see…

Carey: Ok, I’ve had enough, people are always making fun of me because I have Garth Brooks and a dude riding a horse on my mask! I want a new design.

Mask Designer: Alright! What kind of design would you like?

C: Uh… I don’t really know….

MD: well usually, goalies like to put something personal on their mask. Something that reflect their passions or things that mean a lot to them.

C: well, yeah… sure, but that’s what you told me last time, and I ended up with Garth Brooks and a cowboy doing rodeo, and now everyone is teasing me about the far west in the dressing room. They’re calling me Calamity Jane.

MD: Uh… yeah, that sucks. Ok, well I think we should try something else then. What message do you want to send whith your mask?

C: I don’t know. Could it be… menacing and really badass?

MD: Sure!

C: Yeah, something that says “Carey Price is not a girl, he’s a crazy motherf*cker, and you don’t want to mess with him” But you know, in a subtle way.

MD: That’s perfect! Now tell me what really scares you, and what haunts you in your nightmares, I’m sure we can use that!

C: Uh… Black fingernails. People who wear toupees. And little dogs with clothes. Oh god, I can’t cope with those!

… *Crickets chirp* …

MD: … Alriiight. Well, you know, uh, I’m not sure this would really work. Uh … I mean black fingernails and a little dog wearing clothes and a toupee may actually be too frightening. You know, you have to think about your young fans here. Surely you don’t want to look too intimidating, with all those little menacing puppies on your mask. You know, because of children. Uh… let’s try something else. You know what? I have a great idea. How about a grim reaper?! With lightning bolts!

C: Hmmm, yeah. Can we make it a little more menacing? But in a subtle way.

MD: Yeah, I guess we could add skulls somewhere.

C: I like that. Oh, and how about a chopper?! Sergei Kostitsyn told me it was totally badass once. He said it’s way better than horses.

MD: Yeah, sure… why not? Anything else you would like? I don’t know, something unique?

C: Aces of spades!

MD: what?!

C: Aces of spades. That’s a shoutout to my gambling friends. They’ll love it.

MD: M’kay… So that’s it: a death figure riding a habs chopper on human skulls, with lightning bolts in the background and aces of spades falling from a red menacing sky.

C: Sounds good. It’s menacing, and subtle. I can’t wait to see it!


In other news, the habs will finally play their home opener tonight! Who’ll be their guest? Let’s ask you-know-who.


It feels like the habs haven’t played for three weeks. Let’s just hope they don’t feel the same… I’m not really concerned by the habs record so far. I was expecting a slow start, with all the new guys in the team, and the injuries did not help at all. So we’re still in that adjustment phase.

We’ll see Shawn Belle in the habs uniform for the first time tonight. Some people seem to be disappointed for Matthieu Carle. Well, if he plays well in Hamilton, he should get his chance at some point this season. It’s nice for Shawn Belle that his first game with the habs is the home opener. The atmosphere will probably be electric. Shawn has had a rough path to the nhl. He was drafted in the first round by the Blues in 2003, traded to the Stars in 2004 (he never played in Dallas though), traded again to Minnesota in 2006. He played only 9 games with the Wild. He was then traded to Montreal for Corey Locke (another guy who hasn’t been very lucky: remember when he couldn’t play his first nhl game because his equipment didn’t make it to the Madison Square Garden when he was called up? He only played 6 minutes in the nhl since then…) in 2008. Belle knows that Bergeron will soon be called up, so he hasn’t much time to make a good impression. Let’s hope he can do that tonight.

Go habs go, and hurray for habs customized chopper riding grim reapers!

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10 responses to “Carey likes subtlety

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  1. LOL! I think Carey’s new mask is… interesting. I still want a picture of Jaro’s new one though. Looks like I’ll have to trek out to Brossard to get one myself. GUH.

    Speaking of trekking.. I’ll be at the Bell Centre tonight so I HOPE to the hockey gods the Habs finally put an end to this little wining streak that the Avs have got going….

    I hope Belle does well. He sounds like he’s been pretty solid in Hammietown so far.

  2. You’re going to the game? WOW! You certainly won’t read this until after the game, but still, I’m jealous!

    And I didn’t know Jaro also had a new mask. Maybe I’ll have to write a new post, if Jaro’s mask is as bad as this one… :)

  3. Ahahahahaha!! That conversation sounds way too realistic! And are the aces on fire? Woah. Scary.

    Patrick Lalime has a lily and a rose on the back of his because those are his daughters’ names. Call me sentimental, but I like that a bit better than crushing skulls with a motorcycle.

    And I know this is from the last post, but yes I feel bad for Toskala too. And am I allowed to feel bad for Komisarek? Cause I do. And besides the fact that Huet is trying to single-handedly destroy the Fire Clowns, I feel bad for him as well. I’m feeling way too much sympathy right now! It’s gotta be the cough syrup!

  4. :) EP just started a club for habs fans feling sorry for Toskala:

    Society of Habs fans who feel bad for Vesa

    Regarding Komisarek, I’m not especially rejoicing, but I’m definitely not feeling bad for him. No way.

    Huet, I’m a little torn. I’ve always defended him, and I’ve definitely a soft spot for him. But if he sucks this season, well he has no excuse really. He’s finally the #1 goalie in his club, and has a pretty good team in front of him. I hope he will finally have some success this year.

    I easily feel sorry for sucky players too, I think I’m too sentimental too!

    Oh and a last thing: Price’s mask sucks, but on the back, there’s a mention for the Carson Kolzig Foundation (named after Kolzig’s son) and I thought that was pretty nice.

  5. there’s a mention for the Carson Kolzig Foundation

    Awww. Alriiiight. He can have his crushed skulls.

  6. Aww, c’mon, Pricey’s mask looked totally awesome from section 325 last night D: After much debate, I’ve decided I like it. I wouldn’t have necessarily pegged him as the whole crushed skulls type though….Oh well…at least it’s not daisies or something…..

    Also, nobody knows that Jaro has a new one because nobody cares about him. Poor thing…. *sniffles*

    AND! No more sympathy for the Leafs. Stop it right now. All of you. Who injured Markov the first time? EH?! A LEAF. Who’s building was Markov injured in the second time? THE LEAFS. NO MORE SYMPATHY FOR THE LEAFS. Although, you can continue to feel bad for Vesa because it’s always right to feel bad for the goalies.

    As for Huet…. well, I think it’s up to him to behave like a number 1 goalie. And he better too. There were Peachhawk scouts at the game last night. If Huet doesn’t smarten up soon, I really fear they might make an offer for my little Slovak goalie and I don’t want that. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, HUET.

  7. Well I think all the masks look good from the 300’s! :)

    Honestly I don’t seriously care about his mask, but I’m just really not into this “I’m gonna look totally intimidating if I have skulls and lightnings on my mask” thing…

  8. Butbutbutbut Vesa can have freaky looking teeth on his? D:

  9. Vesa has the teeth because he adapted his Sharks design into a more generic monster when he left San Jose.

    As for Price’s mask, it’s an awful design.

  10. What amuses me with Price’s design, is that it’s really cheesy. It’s trying too hard to be badass.

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