Detroit beats Pittsburgh   6 comments

pitt-detroit 3 – 1

And yet, Pittsburgh gets the cup.

Congrats to the Penguins. They are the new rulers of the league.


All hail the Penguin!

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6 responses to “Detroit beats Pittsburgh

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  1. ……myeh……

  2. Well, what can I say… I disliked the pens all season long, but they found a way to have me back on their bandwagon for this cup final.

  3. Peh… I wonder if it’s true that Crysob didn’t shake Lidstrom’s hand. if that is indeed true, then that is really not cool…

  4. You always find the perfect picture, Grrrreg!

  5. EP: I had not heard of this. But it’s tough to blame him for this. I can imagine it’s a little difficult to think clearly when you win the cup for the first time… There must be a lot of confusion on the ice too. It’s not cool if he didn’t shake Lidstrom’s hand, but it’s not really a big deal either I think.

  6. I wasn’t making a big deal of it… =p

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