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I’m sorry I’m not updating this blog a little more often these days, but I’m busy, and honestly, I just don’t feel very inspired. I’m not really excited about the Stanley Cup Final, and there’s just not much going on with the habs. Actually, I just realized I didn’t even bother posting anything special after they hired Jacques Martin. I’m a bad blogger. At least, I think this is a good indication of my enthusiasm level. Right now, I’m a little fed up with hockey. I feel like this season has been going on FOREVER.

I’m not even really missing the habs. The end of their season was so crappy that I’m enjoying this break. This lack of habs news is actually a good thing right now. Because I know it won’t last very long. In only a few days, the season will be over, and the draft will come. We will inevitably be surrounded by a crazy amount of rumors about who the habs will sign, trade, and let go. The fact that the draft takes place in Montreal will make this even worse, because every single one of the journalists covering the habs will be there, trying to get some scoop. No matter what Gainey does or does not, he will be praised by some, and ripped by most. Some of the decisions that will be made will leave us baffled, some will probably crush our heart, and some will hopefully be pretty exciting. So before this rollercoaster of emotions starts, I’m trying to enjoy this moment. Everything is still possible, and I don’t have yet to worry about the fate of some of my favorite habs (Yeah, I’m thinking about you, Saku and Komi).

In only a few days, you’ll read everywhere how this is a crucial time for Montreal. And it’s true that this will be a defining moment for this team. With that many free agents, the decisions made by the habs  (and their ability to attract the free agents they’re going after) this summer could really set the tone for the 3 or 4 next seasons. If they decide to let go Koivu, this offseason will mark an even greater change. Saku wore the C for longer than legends like Toe Blake, Emile Bouchard, Maurice and Henri Richard, Yvon Cournoyer, and Bob Gainey. If he leaves, this will truly be the end of an era. Not the most successful era for the habs, that’s for sure. But this is during this era that I fell in love with them, so it means something to me.

But I’ll speak about that in a few days. For now, let’s enjoy this little break. Just like the habs are enjoying their own holidays.


Nice tan, Kovy!

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  1. Ahahahaha! I love that picture, especially with Price in his full face mask!

    Last year I was a hot mess until Gaustad and Miller were signed, then I took the summer off and didn’t think about hockey once. This year, the Habs press doesn’t have many positive things to say, and the Sabres (that I care about) are all signed up, so I started my radio silence a lot earlier.

  2. I know how you feel. I didn’t know if it was just me and watching my first NHL season or something but this season has been a long and excruciating one for the most part…

    But I actually learned a really great way to stay sane. It’s called avoid the media. I don’t read the paper, I don’t visit many Habs sites, I don’t listen to the radio and if I do and they start talking about hockey I turn it off, when they talk about the Habs on TV I change the channel. It sounds cruel, but it does wonders for my sanity. I have no control over what the Habs do or what other people say, but I have control over whether I listen to this crap. And if I can’t hear/read it then it doesn’t bug me.

    So right now I’m at a happy place with my Habs. I remember the good things about the season and I don’t spend one bit of brain power thinking about what will happen next year. It’s wonderful (of course imagining what type of goals Ovie and Peach Fuzz will score goes a long way to helping me feel better too).

  3. Thanks mcguffers! In my world, Price always wears his full mask, and most players never leave their helmet. You just don’t want to mess with safety!

    EP, I feel fine right now, because I’m really not focusing on the habs. Of course I’ll pay a little more attention for the draft and the beginning of free agency, but it certainly won’t ruin my summer. I just can’t really escape the media during the season, it’s my only way to keep in touch with the habs, since I can’t watch most of the games.

  4. I forgot my other method of not keeping up with Habs news: I am not very good at reading French. This is actually beneficial when avoiding La Presse!

  5. What kills me during summer is when I watch a sports channel and there are endless baseball highlights. I CAN’T TAKE IT

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