Peach Fuzz   3 comments

peach fuzz

This doesn’t really make any sense. It’s just for EP, who gave Kane this little nickname: Peach Fuzz.

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Posted June 3, 2009 by Grrrreg in Uncategorized

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3 responses to “Peach Fuzz

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  1. Haha *g* you’re mean though. First you talk me out of being a really great Crysob shirt and now you’re poking fun of poor Peach Fuzz! =p

  2. Nooo, I’m not poking fun of him, I love the blackhawks! It’s just the first pic that came out when I googled “peach fuzz”. I just HAD to make a photoshop of that…

  3. Ah =D Gotta be careful with Googling stuff *g*

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