Well done, La Presse   4 comments

Sooo, the Kostitsyn brothers have been cleared of any wrongdoing by the police.

This is great news, and you can read about it everywhere. Habs Inside/Out, RDS, TSN, le Journal de Montréal, and CBC are all speaking about it.

Oops, I forgot a big journal. Oops, it’s precisely the newspaper that first ran the story about the so-called scandal.

Let me check their website, I’m sure they devoted a huge special section to announce that the brothers are innocent.

*checks cyberpresse.ca*

Uh… well…

Nothing. Apparently, the news didn’t reach La Presse’s website. (as of Friday, around 5 pm in Montreal)

That’s amazing journalism.

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4 responses to “Well done, La Presse

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  1. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at La Presse….

  2. Well, I don’t know either but this is shameful. I used to think le Journal de Montreal was a piece of trash, and La Presse was a correct newspaper. But when it comes to the habs, they are really not better. Maybe they’re even worse.

  3. I think in general La Presse is better. But like you said, when it comes to the Habs then it’s just as bad – if not worse – about spewing crap.

  4. They want to get readers. Sensationalism and loud, over-the-top nonsense about the Habs (and al the Habs’ failings) is the best way to do it. I read it to practice French, but the whole episode sounded so bad it was easy to get sucked into the drama.

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