3rd round predictions, and a bit of whining   5 comments

This is just a quick post to show you the entries for the 3rd round of our little predictions contest.

EP: Chicago in 7, Pittsburgh in 6

Pookie: Detroit in 4, Pittsburgh in 6

Patty: Chicago in 7, Pittsburgh in 6

Grrrreg: Detroit in 5, Pittsburgh in 7

Unfortunately, Shan did not submit his predictions for this round. Maybe he was too ashamed after his collapse in the 2nd round…


I know I promised a recap of the Eurovision Song Contest (even if no one asked for it), I’ll try to write it soon, but I have a very busy week, my computer is not really working these days, and I’m sick as a dog. It feels like someone is continuously playing bongos in my head. (Semin, stop it!) It’s only tuesday, but this week is already completely shitty.


Anyway, all this whining was just a way to tell you that you probably won’t hear a lot from me in the next few days…

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5 responses to “3rd round predictions, and a bit of whining

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  1. What? No Eurovision thing to keep us completely distracted from my lame picks for the playoffs?! How dare you be sick and how dare your computer die at a time like this!

    Seriously, I hope you feel better soon. Semin really could use a new hobby….

    And the Peach Hawks will come through. And if not, then the Wingsies will crush the Pens. Bwahahahahahaha……..

  2. I think your rooting strategy in the Western Conference is flawless. You just can’t lose. That’s beautiful. :)

  3. I know, aren’t I smart? It may look like I’m losing this playoff prediction thing but in reality, my strategy for keeping myself happy for the playoffs is foolproof. Either way, I win. Unless the Pens or the Whalercanes win the Cup… in which case I lose badly….

  4. That’s true, I was ashamed. And I was also lazy and forgetful.

  5. That’s ok Shan, you can still make predictions for the nhl finals if you feel less lazy when the conference finals end! ;)

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