Milan is hungry   6 comments

lucic eats kittenA dead fish and a kitten! Yummy yummy!

Hey Milan, there’s nothing wrong with eating kittens and fish carcasses, I understand foie gras and truffles are not for everyone. But please, at least don’t forget to brush your teeth after that…


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6 responses to “Milan is hungry

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  1. Uh…. ew? *g*

  2. :^::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    All that fish is missing is the plate. The plate is essential to Milan’s favorite fish recipe!

  3. Oh, I’m sure the Bruins have disposed some empty plates for him near the bench or in the penalty box, just in case he finds a fish or a kitten…

  4. :^::::::::::::::::

    Perfect. Just perfect.

  5. Thanks Mags!

  6. :^:::::::::::::::: It’s why Looch loves Boston. Plenty of fresh fish from the harbor (or HAH-bah). I hope he’s not a stress eater, because there’s going to be a lot of households missing their kittens in the morning. Poor Looch. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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