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love canes

I never thought I’d ever they that, but here it is: Canes, you won my heart. What a playoff run! This is exactly what playoffs are supposed to be about: Hot hot hot goaltending, a miracle game 7 win, hardwork, a crazy crowd, an unlikely hero scoring crucial goals game after game (Jussi was the right Jokinen to go after before the trade deadline, Calgary!), and the now very real possibility of a big upset. And you are on the brink of eliminating THE FREAKING BRUINS! How could I not love you?!

To me, the Bruins/Hurricanes series looks quite similar to the Habs/Flyers series of last season. The Bruins are overall a better team, like the Habs probably were, but they are a little overconfident, like the habs were, they can’t solve a hot goalie, like the habs couldn’t solve Biron, and they are too slow to realize what’s happening to them. The scenario has been the same in those two series: the Bruins won the first one, and then lost 3 in a row. And when I look at the reactions of some Bruins fans on the Internet, it pretty much sounds like what we were saying last season: “This just can’t be. They will turn this around. The Canes are not good enough. We just need to go back to what we did right during the season.” This is disbelief, with a touch of delusion. And I looove it. Muahahahaha!

To stay on the topic of love, I’m leaving you right now to catch a train to go to a friend’s wedding this afternoon. I won’t be back before monday. (I’ll actually be back sunday night, but I’ll probably be exhausted and still half drunk, so I’ll wisely try to stay away from my keyboard.) Anyway, have a great weekend!

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3 responses to “Forbidden Love

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  1. It’s sad just how much this year’s playoff series are reminding me (in a bad way) of our Habs. We have the Bruins/Whalercanes series in which the Bruins are the Habs from last year’s series against the Flyers and last night, I swear to the hockey gods, this year’s Habs showed up against the horrid team in black and gold. I keep consoling Caps and Bruins fans saying “I know what it’s like. been there done that…” I don’t like this…. at all….

    I think I hate the Whalercanes though. They ruined my playoff matchup hopes and I can NOT stand StaalClone1. And I’ve discovered last night that I don’t actually hate the Bs. Just Marshmallow and the Loochness Monster. I know. I’m a bad girl… I can’t help it. I don’t hate them anymore…. but my hate for the Penguins has just increased about a hundred times over =)

    Anyway…. welcome to Twitter (I KNEW you’d get on it one of these days) and have a nice time at the wedding =)

  2. I’m sure your hate for the bruins will soon return, don’t worry! I like the Loochness Monster nickname by the way.

    Now I will try not to let Twitter completely take over my life. And the wedding was really nice! :)

  3. It came back last night actually after the 4-0 win. YES! I was worried that I was getting sick or something. Phew….!

    Glad you had a good time at the wedding =) and yes, don’t let Twitter take over your life…. =p

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