Jaroslove Halak   5 comments

Jaro, why do people always want to hurt you?

You never really got your chance in Montreal this season, even when Carey struggled, because he’s the future of the franchise. So when the habs get swept in the playoffs, you finally get the opportunity to play for Slovakia in the world cup.  Things are looking good, for once. But for your first game, well, you have the dubious privilege to face… Canada. Final score: 7-3. Ouch. And now, this:

Poor little thing. Even your defensemen are trying to hurt you. I feel so sorry for you, my little Jaro.

(This video was posted on Puck Daddy, so some of you probably already watched it, but I just had to post it here, because I really like our little backup…)


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5 responses to “Jaroslove Halak

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  1. Ooo I posted it on mine too before I came here to see if you saw it….

    Poor Jaro…. I feel so bad for him. Not just because he got bopped upside the head. But in general… all he gets is abuse… Poor, poor little Slovak goalie…I want to go and hug him right now.

  2. Ooo I posted it on mine too before I came here to see if you saw it….

    I did the same. :p
    I hope the habs don’t let him go to get a veteran goalie to help Price. Maybe that would be good for Carey, but I would be sad to see him leave.

  3. He’d just be abused even more if he left… I could just see him in Colorado… the poor thing would be struggling to get up those stupid mountains all the time… and when he did make it up to the top he’d be hit upside the head for being late……

    And I know Pricey would probably benefit from having some guy with more experience butbutbutbutbutbutbut…. Jaro is OUR little Slovak goalie. I want him to stay…. *sniffles*

  4. I forgot to ask (why can’t I delete my own responses in here? If I could then you wouldn’t have fifty million replies from me *G*)….. DID YOU SEE THE CAPS GAME LAST NIGHT? =p

  5. WOOOOOOO for the caps!
    I couldn’t watch it, because I didn’t want to stay up until 4AM, so I only saw the highlights this morning… (It’s a little frustrating to only watch the highlights, but I really don’t feel like staying up when the habs are not involved)
    But anyway, this is really a great series so far! 2 hat tricks in the same game, wow… It’s cool that it’s not a disappointing series after all the hype.

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