Just win this one   7 comments

Carey Price arrives at the Bell Center for Game 4.


Dear habs, just win tonight’s game. Some say it’s about preserving some pride and dignity. Some simply don’t want to see the Bruins beat you twice at home and sweep the series. Those are very good reasons. But it goes beyond this. This could be the last time some of you play with a habs sweater in Montreal (or at all). Don’t let this once promising team die tonight in front of a booing home crowd. You deserve better than that. You’ve played 85 games together, and it was an awfully rough ride, just don’t quit now.

Forget about the series outcome. Just win this one, and we’ll think about the rest tomorrow. One little win. Do it!

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7 responses to “Just win this one

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  1. Win or lose I’ll still be screaming “GO HABS GO” at the top of my lungs and waking up all of my neighbors =)

  2. I’ll try NOT to wake up my neighbors, but I’m with you! ;)

  3. Well, fiddlesticks.

  4. Yep… I’ll write my obligatory postmortem thing tonight, if I can…

  5. I dont’ appreciate my predictions not coming true…. Stupid Bruins and very stupid Rangers…=(

  6. It was kind of calming reading all the interviews from Gainey and the players. Pretty much everything I expected to hear. The press, the centennial, the injuries, team’s ownership, etc. However there is one player that’s making me nervous about the summer. My French is not perfect, but I get the general idea that Komi is not overly determined to resign:



  7. I’m not sure you should trust La Presse, mcguffers, they wrote crap all season long! I don’t know, I think he was just being more cautious than the other players about what he’ll do. It’s better not to announce you want to be back if there’s a chance you’ll end up somewhere else. I just hope they’ll do what it takes to keep him.

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