The Soft Euro playoffs contest: The picks   7 comments

I just have time to post the playoffs predictions of those who sent me their picks to play in the Soft Euro playoffs prediction contest. We’re only 5 participants, but that’s clearly the cream of the crop, so it’s all good!

The fabulous EP‘s picks:

Bruins/Canadiens : Bruins in… 5 (I’m so sorry Habs…. *hugs them*)
Capitals/Rangers : Caps in 5
Devils/Hurricanes: Devils in 6
Penguins/Flyers : Penguins in 4 or 7 depending on Biron… I’ll say 6 *g*

Sharks/Ducks : Sharks in 6
Red Wings/Jackets : Wings in 6
Canucks/Blues : Canucks in 5
Hawks/Flames : Flames in 7

1. Conn Smythe? Better not be Joe Thornton. EW! Uh, I’ll say Ovechkin. What? It’s a crapshoot question that requires a crapshoot answer =D
2. Number of goals scored in the cup-clinching game? 5
3. Color of Don Cherry’s jacket on coach’s corner, during the first game of the finals? Puke coloured

Shan’s picks:

Boston-Montreal : Boston in 6
Washington-NYR : Washington in 4
NJ-Carolina : Carolina in 7
Pittsburgh-Philadephia : Pittsburgh in 6

San Jose-Anaheim : San Jose in 6
Detroit-Colombus : Detroit in 5
Vancouver-St. Louis : St. Louis in 7
Chicago-Calgary: Chicago in 7

1. Johan Franzen
2. 6 goals
3. Red

Patty‘s picks:

Boston-Montreal — Boston (6)
Washington-NY — Washington (5)
NJ-Carolina — New Jersey (7)
Pittsburgh-Philadelphia — Pittsburgh (7)

San Jose-Anaheim — San Jose (4)
Detroit-Columbus — Columbus (6)
Vancouver-St. Louis — St. Louis (6)
Chicago-Calgary — Chicago (5)

1. Sidney Crosby
2. 4 goals
3. Puce

Pookie‘s picks:

Boston-Montreal: Boston in 5
Washington-New York: Washington in 7
New Jersey-Carolina: Carolina in 5
Pittsburgh-Philadelphia: Pittsburgh in 5

San Jose-Anaheim: SJ in 5
Detroit-Columbus: Detroit in 5
Vancouver-St. Louis: Vancouver in 4
Chicago-Calgary: Calgary in 7

1. Conn Smythe Winner: Zdeno Chara
2. Four goals in clinching game
3. Red suit

Grrrreg’s picks:

Boston-Montreal: Boston in 7
Washington-New York: Washington in 5
New Jersey-Carolina: Carolina in 7
Pittsburgh-Philadelphia: Pittsburgh in 6

San Jose-Anaheim: SJ in 6
Detroit-Columbus: Detroit in 5
Vancouver-St. Louis: Vancouver in 4
Chicago-Calgary: Chicago in 5

1. Conn Smythe Winner: Patrick Marleau
2. 5 goals in clinching game
3. Cherry will wear an insane yellow suit


The Habs lost yesterday, but unfortunately, I don’t have time to write about it now. And I couldn’t watch the game, because I had to get up freaking early today. So you’d probably be better off reading another recap somewhere else!

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7 responses to “The Soft Euro playoffs contest: The picks

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  1. Biron is failing me so far…. twerp….

  2. You’re right, he hates you…

  3. Apparently the Caps hate me now too…. x-x

  4. Man, looking at my picks from here, they’re terrible!

  5. Actually, I just double-checked my Sent Items, I said Chicago in 7.

  6. I’m obviously quite wrong about Caps sweeping the Rangers, and I’m truly surprised, I guess I didn’t know much about the Rangers’ strengths.

    I can’t remember what my reasoning was for picking the Blues, since the Canucks are looking better than ever, like a true Cup contender.

  7. You’re right Shan, my mistake! I don’t know what happened, because I also messed up with my own picks… I had picked Chicago in 5, and not Calgary (I swear!) I edited the post.

    I don’t really think anyone saw the rangers upsetting the caps like that. This series is not over yet, but Washington is in serious trouble!

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