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Please enjoy your Clinch responsibly, habs fans!

Let’s enjoy this one. The season has been tough, but my dear habs clinched a playoff spot yesterday. That’s all that matters today. That was a hell of a game. The kind of game that reminds you why you love hockey, even after a disappointing season. It had everything. Goals, a lot of tension, penalties, a loud crowd, scrums, a nailbiting suspense. Just amazing. It’s sad the habs were not rewarded with a win in the end, but let’s not be too picky.

I’ll wait to see who the habs will play in the first round to tell you my feelings about the playoffs. But as I already said, I really hope they can avoid the Bruins and play the Capitals. Firstly, because to be honest I’m a bit fed up with the Bruins. Montreal faced them a little too often in the playoffs over the last few years for my taste, and I’d prefer to see a different team. Then, because I think a series against the caps would be pretty fun to watch. They rely on speed and offense, and that could turn out to be an exciting series. And there’s also the potential return of Theodore in Montreal, which could be pretty funny.

But the last reason why I would rather see a habs/caps matchup is because I don’t think I could survive 4 games like yesterday’s second period. My heart is too fragile. Hockey Gods, my health is at stake, you HAVE to take that into consideration!

Meanwhile, in the West, I hope the Blues will make it. And I hope they will leapfrog the Ducks. Because then, I’d like to see the Ducks crushed by the Sharks, while the Blues upset the Red Wings. That may not be very likely, but that’s my dream scenario. But anyway, I’ll have time to talk about my playoffs hopes and previsions between the end of the regular season and the start of the series.

For now, let’s go Blues!!


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  1. Why would you want to see the Ducks crushed by the Sharks? I want to see the Sharks crushed. I think I agree that it’d be nice if the Blues made it. I dunno. I just want to see the Sharks go down =)

  2. I don’t know. For no particular reason, I kinda like the sharks, and I dislike the ducks. I’ll write a post in a few days about my playoffs preferences, but the sharks are my “good team that actually has a chance at winning the cup and that I wouldn’t mind seeing winning it”. As opposed to the other cup contenders like the red wings, the bruins, or the penguins. And as opposed to the teams I really like but which are not really suposed to go far into the playoffs.

    Oh, by the way, maybe we could make a little playoffs predictions contest, EP. I have to find a good formula, but that could be fun. (if anyone else is interested, let me know) What do you think?

  3. Oh, that’d be fun, yeah. I’d so suck at this but yeah…. ! That’d be fun *nods*

    I liked the Sharks for about a week when they beat Boston *g* and then they came to Montreal, lost, and Joe Thornton made some stupid comments and now he bugs me too much to want to cheer for his team. The Wings and I have actually come to an understanding – I think it happened when I spent hours using them as my best example of a team packed with Europeans that owned the NHL *g* so I like the Wings now =p

  4. Cool! I’ll try to come up with a nice way to do this. I’ll send you a mail, or I’ll just post it here.

  5. Whoo! =)

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