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There it is. I officially give up on the 2008-09 habs. It’s the first time since I’ve started to follow hockey “seriously” that I give up on a season before it’s actually over. But I have no hope left. They won’t turn things around. And even if they do squeeze into the playoffs, it won’t make much of a difference.

5-2. At home. Against the freaking Leafs. On a supposedly must-win game. Are you kidding me?

The only thing worrying me, at this point, is wether Gainey will keep his job this summer. And if he does have to leave, will Trevor Timmins leave too? If that happens, … well let’s not even think about this…

The only bright spot of this terrible season is Max Lapierre. You rock, Maxim!


I’m torn, because watching the habs these days is kind of a masochistic experience. It’s painful, but at the same time, if I don’t watch the next ten games, I know I won’t have a chance to watch my favorite team play until… october.

I remember how last summer was terribly dull and slow, and how even the preseason games were exciting back in september. So I know that in a few months, I’ll be starving for hockey. Any kind of hockey. Even maybe this kind of hockey. And I’ll regret that I was not able to actually enjoy it while the season was still going on…

So, let this post be a reminder that sometimes, hockey sucks. Here is a note to myself, for when I reread this post on a hot and lazy day of August:

Hey Grrrreg, how’s it going? … What? … What do you mean, you’re bored to death because you miss hockey? Are you crazy man? Remember how, back in march, you were actually hoping for the season to end?! Come on, enjoy the offseason! Have a drink, and revel in your sucky-habs-free existence! Isn’t life beautiful when you don’t have to worry about the habs power play, Carey’s mental health, the results of the Carolina Hurricanes, and the french-speaking coach controversies? You actually miss this? I’m telling you, enjoy the summer my friend. It won’t last, you know… In only a few weeks from now, the habs will be back to torment you…

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8 responses to “Game over

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  1. Awww….! There, there, it was awful, yes…. but….well, I actually don’t have a “but” at this point… wow… I was going to shamelessly plug a piece I wrote but then I realized that I couldn’t do it shamelessly… Hmm… I think I need to have more caffeine right now… OH! I know!!! You should try to see if you can listen to some AHL. The guy who announces for the Bulldogs is fantastic! And the Bulldogs actually *try*. Well, recently they’ve been trying anyway!

  2. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t even hurt anymore. I’m just like you: indifferent. I don’t think I’m passionate enough to lose sleep over the AHL, so I won’t stay up for their games, but I definitely try to follow their results. And it IS refreshing!

    And of course you can plug whatever you want here. Please, do it! It’s not like we risk to strongly disagree… :P

  3. You need to move to a different time zone. Maybe we could move France over to the middle of the Atlantic ocean…The Bulldogs are fun =)

    You know what else you need? You need Twitter. It’s fun and you can go rambling on and on and on without having to worry about spamming up your own blog… Not that YOU spam up your blog. *I* do… *coughs*

    And yes… I was going to plug a random thing I did about the french-speaking coach controversy =D

  4. Yeah, I saw that post on your blog about the french-speaking coach controversy. I finally commented on it.

    About Twitter, so far I’m reluctant to go there. I don’t really like the concept, and I’m afraid I would easily get addicted to this new thing. I really don’t need yet another way to procrastinate!

  5. Yes, well… Twitter is a great way to proscrastinate…=p but it’s great if you can learn to limit yourself =)

  6. I know what you mean.
    I have tickets to the game tonight and a little part of me is dreading it.

    There;s nothing like witnessing a loss live to make you want to jump from the rafters.

    If Timmins goes…honestly who cares. So far all his picks have been busts. ANdre Kostitsyn…look at Zach Parise, same draft year, drafted after Kostitsyn. Thanks Trevor :)

  7. woah woah woah. you saying that actually REALLY bothers me. i completely understand that it looks like they’re not trying at all, but how can you call yourself a fan if you give up on them? we can’t win the cup every single year, and yes, one bad season happens every so often. so you “giving up” on the team is pathetic. some habs fan you are. 24 stanley cups is going to be pretty hard for any other to catch up to any time soon. so calm down.

  8. I know I know, this doesn’t look good. I feel bad about this post now. I’m usually not the kind of guy who gives up on his team, but hey, I was frustrated, and this was simply a way to express how I felt at the time. You can call me a bad/pathetic fan if you want, I’m fine with that.

    Now I just hope the habs will continue to prove me wrong and to make me look stupid…

    Oh and thanks for commenting, even if that was not very flattering! :)

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