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I’m really sorry about the lack of updates on the blog, but I’m completely overwhelmed with work these days, and unfortunately it shouldn’t really get better until next week… Also, I’ll be travelling to Brussels from wednesday to friday, which means I will probably miss all the fun of the trade deadline. Damn!

It’s frustrating, because the habs are doing good, and I’d love to have time to finally write some positive things, after this terrible month!

shark-wilsonDoug Wilson, Sharks GM

Here are just some quick notes:

- Halak is saving his teammates asses these days. He is doing exactly what the team needs: giving the habs a chance to win every night while they are slowly improving their overall play and finding their mojo back.

- Komisarek is struggling. Badly. Pessimistic point of view: it hurts the team. Optimistic point of view: he’s making sure the habs won’t overpay him when (or if??) they sign him this summer.

- The PP works again. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

- Habs get badly outshot day in, day out. Thanks to Halak, it didn’t matter so far, but this has to stop.

- Good luck in Dallas, Begin! I haven’t had a chance to say it before, but I really liked you. You really seem like a nice guy. I’m glad you ended up in Dallas, though, it could really have been worse. I’m sure Myra and Patty (among others) will help you feel welcome in Texas!

- Welcome to Montreal, Metropolit. I don’t really know you, but I like your name. That’s a good start…

- I feel like a genius, because I had a strong feeling this team could turn things around before their upcoming long stretch of home games in march. If they don’t mess up this week during their short road trip, things will begin to look good.

- I don’t really know what to expect for the trade deadline. I’m not sure Gainey should really trade half the farm for a rental player or two. I’d be excited by someone like Olli Jokinen, but I don’t really know if he’s available or what it would cost to get him. Other than that, I’m not too thrilled by Guerin, Bouwmeester (he’d be awfully expensive, and I don’t think Gainey will do this after he got Schneider anyway), Pronger (ugh!) or Gaborik. And I’m not holding my breath thinking about Lecavalier…

And finally…


Gorges scored yesterday, so the Curious Georges picture is back!

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  1. Metropolit has really looked good so far (with the exception of his first shift vs. the Flyers). I think he is happy to be with a team that wants him.

    I forgot to take off for trade deadline day, so I’ll be in the dark with you. Except I’ll find a way to be at my desk all day so I can keep up with all the news. Or at least check my iPhone all day…

  2. Ooo Brussels…! Are those brusselsprout things from Brussels I wonder….. Anyway….I hope it’s not just a coincidence that the Habs are doing well while you’re not watching them *G* You’ll have to go on another trip somewhere if you come back and they start losing again =p

    Kristin – well of course Metro looked bad in that shift… The poor guy was probably still trying to remember which team he was playing for…. Poor Metro…

  3. EP, I was gonna mention how the Habs were doing well while he wasn’t watching, but I didn’t want to make him feel bad….

  4. Brussels sprouts? Well, I was more thinking Jupiler, french fries (which are from Belgium, as everyone knows) and chocolate, but yeah sure!

    And there’s no way the habs are winning just because I’m not watching! Come on habs, you wouldn’t do that to me, would you?!

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