B’s win, it stings…   2 comments


The awful truth is, Boston is good. And they deserved their win yesterday.

I think the Habs played pretty well. This was not a mismatch. But Tim Thomas was outstanding, and the turning point, of course, was this 5 on 3 in the second period. Andrei Kostitsyn checked Aaron Ward from behind, and as soon as the referee signaled a penalty, Tim Thomas punched an unsuspecting Kost in the face with both gloves. Kostitsyn got a boarding major, and Thomas a roughing minor. Then Hamrlik was rightfully penalized a few minutes later, as Kost was still in the box. The Bruins scored on the ensuing 5 on 3. I’m a bit pissed off by the Kost call, I don’t think he deserved 5 minutes.

But I’m not blaming the referees for the loss. Even if such a bad call has always more impact in a tight game like this, that’s hockey. Bad breaks like this happen. The Habs still had more than 20 minutes to tie the game, and they didn’t. That’s the real story here. Thomas blocked everything, and Boston played a smart third period. Their forecheck was very efficient, and the Habs were rarely menacing until the very last minutes of the game. The third Boston goal just sealed the deal.

Now, Boston is 12 points ahead of Montreal. That’s a lot, and it’s gonna be really hard to catch them. But that’s ok. The Habs should focus on their game. Chasing a team ahead of you is always a good motivation. In the end, what really matters is to get into the playoffs with a decent seed.

Some quick observations about last night:

It looks like the PP is heating up, and that’s good news for Montreal. // The Pleks-Kovy-Pacioretty line had a night off apparently. // The Tits are really good since they play together with Lang. // Halak plyed a good game, he can’t be blamed for the loss. The Bruins scored two times on the PP, and Jaro made a lot of good saves. // Chipchura did not look like the greatest fighter of the team. // Lots of habs fans in Boston, as usual. I loved how it pissed off the entire arena everytime they chanted the infamous ole ole ole song. // I had to watch the game with Bruins announcers, and it’s REALLY annoying.



I may post something about all those Lecavalier rumours, once I have decided how I feel about it. Right now, I’m  completely torn. Good thing I’m not GM.

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2 responses to “B’s win, it stings…

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  1. I will NEVER admit that Boston is really good. NEVER.

    And you watched an entire game with the Boston announcers and did not go completely insane? Wow, just, Wow!

  2. And you watched an entire game with the Boston announcers and did not go completely insane? Wow, just, Wow!

    I know! They really are awful. And yet it was on versus, not on their local channel…
    I don’t know if it’s that enjoyable even for Boston fans. I mean, it’s ok to lean towards the home team (it’s wise when most of your audience is local). But when the announcers are complete homers, I feel like they treat me as a complete moron. I don’t need someone to paint everything rosy for me to like my team, I already like it. A bit of distance, a fair description of what they do right, and what they do wrong, a bit of humor about the home team, that’s what I want.

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