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bush-priceCarey would have stopped it.


Tonight: back to Montreal, for a game versus the Flyers.

Flyers are hot (7-1-2), Habs are cold (5-4-1). The series is split between the two teams so far.

Biron has a tendency to look unbeatable when he plays Montreal, let’s hope this trend doesn’t continue for too long. Simon Gagne is a beast this season. Philadelphia special teams are definitely special: their PP is the second best in the league, whith a 27% efficiency (compare that to the wonderful 12,9% of the habs PP, 28th in the league. Ugh) Their PK is not bad either: 6th in the league (Montreal is 15th). Le Tricolore would be wise not to take 11 penalties in a row tonight.

On the habs side, the best line of 2007-08 is reunited: Pleks will center Kovy and Andrei Kost. Koivu and Price are still out. Komisarek could return tonight, which would be great news. Apparently, he can’t wait to be back on the ice, as showed his feistiness during practice yesterday, when he was involved in a little stick swinging incident with Sergei Kost (nothing to worry about though, as they were laughing about it afterwards). Carbo had a long on-ice discussion with the team as well.

It’s not gonna be an easy game, obviously, but Montreal has to react, and they’ve played pretty well against big teams so far, so I’m kind of expecting a good game tonight. And this is a good thing, because I’d hate to see the flyers beat the habs two times in a row at the Bell…

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3 responses to “Bush SV% : .00

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  1. Luckily Biron is injured and Antero Nittymaki is starting for Philly.

  2. Hmmm, I didn’t know that, but that’s good news! And it’s now confirmed that Komisarek is in tonight. Great!

  3. That photoshop made me laugh so hard. Well played, good sir, well played.

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