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Pregame allegory

Prediction: 4-3 Detroit, in OT. It pains me, but so far, I’ve only “predicted” Montreal wins, and I really sucked. So a little bit of reverse jinxing can’t hurt, can it?

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5 responses to “Octopus!

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  1. Kovalev’s going to get four goals.

  2. That’s why I don’t make predictions at all. It makes the Hockey Gods frown on you. I’m pretty stoked to find more Habs blogs. Keep it up, bro!

  3. Thanks Kirsten! I’m actually wondering if I should keep on posting those predictions. I don’t think I even got one right so far, so it doesn’t really improve my credibility!

  4. I don’t care about credibility so much as karma.
    I’m a pretty big fan of the fact that this blog is half in French.

  5. I was kidding about credibility, but now you got me a bit worried about karma! :)

    About the French part of the blog, so far I curiously almost find it easier to write in English. I’m a bit surprised by this, because I thought I would naturally write in French, and I would have to force myself to also write some posts in English. But it’s actually the opposite. Maybe that’s because most of the things I read about hockey are written in English. Mais bien sûr, je vais continuer à écrire aussi en français!

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