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I won’t post the video of O’Byrne’s own goal, it’s all over the internet by now. I hope his teammates will help him to rebound after this. He was already under some scrutiny, because of his sometimes shaky play this year. That won’t help him.

Well, Montreal stole a W in Long Island last time, and the Isles stole a W in Montreal yesterday. I guess it evens up.

I’m happy Curious Gorges got his first goal yesterday. That was nice to see him congratulated by the whole team, Price included. I guess the stick sacrifice performed by Carey and Kostopoulos in Carolina worked after all!

gorges-scoresI’ll post this each time Gorges gets a point.

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3 responses to “Bad break

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  1. I’m so sorry, Grrreg. I saw that about O’Byrne last night and thought immediately of you. I hope it doesn’t have a lasting effect on his play. On the other hand, Price coming over to congratulate Curious George was adorable.

  2. Thanks, but I’m allright with this goal. It’s really a stupid way to lose a game, but when I saw that this morning, I couldn’t tell if I was more upset or amused, really. Looking at the big picture, they just lost a point. Their play was encouraging, and that’s the only thing I want to remember from this game.

  3. I love that Curious George picture! It’s fun when your favourite guy that doesn’t score a lot scores a goal. :)

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